Week 6: Leos 27 – Bumblers 20: MACK LOSES HEAD!

The premature release of Butchko’s recommendation to fire Mack before the Board could approve it was not only unprofessional it ruined much of the work I had done on this week’s post.  Even after losing his job the SOB found a way to make things miserable for at least one fan (me).  Back to regularly…

Larks 38 – Bomber 33: “Twelve Dollars.”

10:30am (EDT) Time to get of the office and climb a ladder made of transport trucks up the 401 to Pearson International Airport. 1:05pm (EDT) WS103 pushes back from the gate to start its journey to River City. 2:39pm (CDT) The Blue Bastard arrives in Winnipeg. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.