Die Hard Bomber Fans Throwing in the Towel



Several of you let me know how you were feeling following Sunday’s implosion.  It wasn’t pretty.

I’m sick of looking forward to a game, only to turn the channel after 10 minutes of play.  I don’t plan on altering my schedule based upon a game,  hosting any bomber parties / or attending one due to the shitty caliber of play.  Its getting old, tiresome and a waste of my time.

Go Jays!

signed a bomber fan that doesn’t wear his jersey to bomber games and doesn’t care.

-Kozy from Winnipeg

I’m sick of always playing the part of visiting loser.  Any idea how many times I heard “You suck!” on Sunday?  About 37 because whether it was coming from a 5 or 55 year old it’s the best anyone from Hamilton can come up with.

I’m really getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore. I’m regretting renewing my seasons for 3 years to get the discount on the grey cup ticket. Between the up and downs on the field, to the media being positive, negative, calling for heads. Who cares. I’m going to serve my time. Enjoy it for what it is, then call it a day as there is no point in getting emotionally invested in this team.

-Jayster from Winnipeg

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that we’ll have seen 3 head coaches before your subscription is up.

I wasn’t of an age to remember their last Grey Cup win, so what’s one more year?

Also, the Bombers didn’t want the NHL Heritage Classic at IGF this winter because they thought ‎it would slow Grey Cup ticket sales. The Bombers shouldn’t have worried; they don’t need anyone but themselves to slow Grey Cup ticket sales.

-Lee from Waterloo

The Jets can actually make the playoffs, this team’s going for 4 straight misses!

Well I had the game on the whole time cause I enjoyed looking every once in a while to feel pissed off and now we are out a QB a RB and a star receiver… Not sure I’m looking forward to Friday night.

Yes special teams looked pitiful and what’s happened to the O-line 3rd time now our QB is injured this one being the worst as willy will miss the start on Friday from what I’ve heard. What about Bellefeuille does this guy not know how to adjust to a defense who clearly has our number 5 sacks in a half WTF!!

-Tommy from Winnipeg

Theory going around is that Bellefeuille is a Rider plant…  Hard to argue against it.

The common theme I’ve been reading and hearing about all week is how badly the Bombers are being out coached in all phases of the game by every opponent.  I couldn’t agree more.  When you surrender a 50 yard on-side kick because the kicker kicked it to the side you weren’t “expecting” them to then there is a major coaching problem.  When you surrender 7 sacks after substantially upgrading the talent on the o-line then there is a major coaching problem.

O’Shea won’t let his assistants speak to the media nor does he have much to say when he does himself.

The bi-annual regime change may be only 10 games away the way this team is being run.  How many more rookie head coaches are Bomber fans going to be forced to suffer through?


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