Division Final Weekend Picks

He’s got the highest winning percentage of any CFL QB in history, by far, at .833. You want to bet against him?

Week 20 Picks

Well I don’t think there were any surprises last week but that doesn’t mean people aren’t upset.

Saskatchewan @ Toronto: Sunday, November 19 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
I remain steadfast in my belief that Saskatchewan is not making it to the cup.  Ricky Ray still has it and everyone seems to have forgotten that Marc Trestman is coaching the Boatmen.  Thus I have to give them the edge based on home field advantage and the aforementioned coach.  As I said back at the beginning of the season, we all may rue the day Trestman came back to Canada.  Plus it’s Toronto and attendance is week, hasn’t the league already fixed this and the next game?  One last final thought: Kevin Glenn — not a winner.

Edmonton @ Calgary: Sunday, November 19 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
I’m chickening out and taking the safe pick.  Calgary’s had a full two week’s rest and are insanely tough to beat at home.  Yeah they kinda took it easy down the stretch but everything was locked up for them by then.  This is a meaningful game and I expect meaningful football.  This will probably be the best game of the playoffs.  Don’t miss it.

Last Week 1-1

Season 54-25


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