Greatest Hits

gold-recordA selection of this scribe’s best work, judged solely by myself, in no particular order.

The Hoser’s Guide to the 105th Grey Cup

This edition contains experience gained from eleven years of Grey Cupping.

The Hoser’s Guide to the 104th Grey Cup

An even larger guide, broken into three pieces.

The Hoser’s Guide to the 103rd Grey Cup

Back by popular demand.

The Hoser’s Guide to the 102nd Grey Cup

The original.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Longest Active Grey Cup Drought in the CFL

A visual representation of apathy.  My biggest hit to date.

10 Classic Non-Football Grey Cup Moments

Every year each sports outlet has the same repetitive list of memorable Grey Cup moments. The Mud Bowl, the Fog Bowl, the Trip, the Catch, the Kick, etc, each item referring to either some meteorological event or a play. Here are 10 other Grey Cup moments, in chronological order, that are memorable because they weren’t football plays.

In the Middle of the Playoffs the Argos put on a Hypocrisy Clinic

An example of what happens when a CFL team wades into [un]civil politics.  This got some press from the TSN panel and other CFL columnists.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Mack’s Secret Identity Revealed

Joe Mack is a very bad man but it turns out he is much worse!

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