Grey Cup Pick

Hey Bo, just take it and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Last Pick of the Year!

Well like it not we’re getting a replay of the 104th. That means the 106th has a lot to live up to!

Ottawa @ Calgary: Sunday, November 25 (6:00pm EST)

Pick: Calgary
Given what we witnessed last weekend, this is a collision between an unstoppable force (Ottawa’s offence) and an immovable object (Calgary’s defence). Trevor Harris broke a CFL playoff record by throwing six TDs. Calgary, on the other hand, prevented Winnipeg from scoring even one.

There’s certainly no love lost between these two.

The most impressive thing about Calgary, besides BLM, is how they were able to deal with the complete obliteration of their receiving corps. All they did was go out and recruit giants to replace the bodies they lost. It turned out to be the difference last Sunday against Winnipeg. Absolutely they are the league’s best defence. They need only a mediocre offence.

Ottawa has shown flashes of offensive brilliance this year, most notably against Hamilton. However, Hamilton couldn’t be any different from Calgary (I’m not just talking about football). Ottawa’s game plan needs to be a repeat of 104, jump out to a quick start and rack up points with some trick plays. Then let Calgary try to claw back, hoping they can fend them off long enough for the clock to expire.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening this year, though I have been wrong the previous two years!

Let this be BLM’s last win in Canada. May the Stampeders’ reign of terror finally be over after this weekend.

Season: 55-30

See you in Edmonton!!!!


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