Grey Cup Set: Argos Get What They Deserve, Riders Shock Calgary

Rob Ford Crashes Party

"Where does the crack go in this thing?"

“Where does the crack go in this thing?”

The Argos got what they deserved.  They made a public spectacle of uninviting Rob Ford but he showed up anyway creating a side show where none existed previously.  Now they’re done for the year.

By all accounts fans on both sides seemed to enjoy his appearance.  Whether they were booing or cheering at least they had something to talk about during commercial break.  What harm was done by his presence?  I have no idea what they were worried about.  Rob Ford once again has the Argos all over the international news.  What’s the problem with free publicity?

While the front office was busy worrying about who wasn’t coming to the game the players were going soft coming off the bye.  It was clear who had the most stamina in the second half and I feel no sympathy for them.

Host Team Trend?

Desperate to keep warm, flags were used as blankets in the cold.

Desperate to keep warm, flags were used as blankets in the cold.

Then the Riders shocked Calgary.  For the third year in a row the host team will represent themselves in the Grey Cup.  The party’s expectations have been set another level higher after yesterday’s results.  Will Saskatchewan live up to the hype?  Will Rob Ford show up high on some form of cocaine?  Will Rob Ford be uninvited to Grey Cup?!  When will they find bodies in Rob Ford’s backyard?!?!

See you there in Regina on Friday! Can’t wait!

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