The Hoser’s Guide to the 107th Grey Cup: Part 1 – The Essentials

Moving Around the Very Cold City of Calgary

You have several options to get from YYC to downtown: Public transit runs $8. Taxi from the airport to downtown is $45. Uber collects at Doors 1, 12, and 17. There is no Lyft!

For the second year in a row, the Grey Cup Committee is doing things right. Everything Grey Cup related is in one centralized spot at Stampede Park

One coat check to rule them all?

Free Public Transit!

Says so right here! Show your ticket and get a free ride to the game Sunday. The Free Fare Zone has also been extended to include
Victoria Park Stampede Station. Presumably that means you can get on downtown and ride the CTrain for free to get loaded at the Festival. Solid!

Autographs, Pictures and Grey Cup Rings

Last year at TD MB coach O’Shea made a point to say he was looking forward to saying hello. Absolute class.

Over the years I’ve run into many past/present players and never once did anyone refuse to sign an autograph or pose for a picture. Everyone’s your drinking buddy at Grey Cup. Be on the look out for:

  • Players coming and going from hotels as you stumble by drunk.
  • VIP areas in the team parties. Many players are invited in free and find they are the only ones inside, longing for interesting people like you to reminisce with.
  • Grey Cup rings on the fingers of the guy at the bar beside you. The owners (except maybe Pinball) always let you try them on.
  • Linemen at all you can eat restaurants. I ran into the entire Bomber O-line in Vancouver at 99.
  • Retired players walking home from the Spirit of Edmonton after close. They all seem to end the night here.
  • Official signings at the Grey Cup Festival. The CFL on TSN Panel are also crawling around everywhere. They always take time for pictures and autographs.
  • Argonaut QBs making out with women that aren’t their wives (true story — ask me).

The Boozy Laws of Alberta

Alberta figured it out over 20 years ago and as a result you can buy booze or beer from any one of the plethora of private establishments until 2am! All you need is Google Maps (and ID)!


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