The Hoser’s Guide to the 107th Grey Cup


The Grand National Drunk has evolved from a game played on Sunday with some other stuff on Friday/Saturday, to a well organized four day party that happens to have a championship football game at the end. How are you to get the most out of this weekend? This will be my 14th straight Grey Cup, I will teach you.

Part 1: The Essentials

  • Moving around the frigid city of Calgary.
  • How to acquire an autograph, find a Grey Cup ring and meet the players.
  • The boozy laws of Alberta.

Part 2: Team Parties, Ranked

  • Team specific parties
  • Other Grey Cup parties and concerts
  • VIP events and the Player Awards

Part 3: The Hoser’s Itinerary

  • A step by step plan to maximize your inebriation.
  • The best parties on the best nights.
  • Game Day!

Questions, suggestions or insults should be sent to, @BlueBastardCFL or in the comments!

My air chariot arrives in Calgary on Friday morning and my first stop will be Touchdown Manitoba. Have a beer ready for me!

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