The Hoser’s Guide to the 106th Grey Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, THE authoritative guide to a guaranteed good time on Grey Cup weekend and your yearly lesson from 2-4 Academy!

The Hoser’s Guide to 106th Grey Cup


This guide will take you through every important watering hole the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton has to offer while avoiding the sobering pitfalls of bad parties and the dreaded dry mouth. This is my 13th straight Grey Cup and I declare, with great confidence, that I am a hardened veteran of the Grand National Drunk. The Hoser’s Guide is focused solely on the best places to party and where to find beer on Grey Cup weekend so if you can’t handle that, turn down the suck!

There is so much to do on championship weekend that writing The Hoser’s Guide has become a real bastard. As a result, it’s broken into the sections below.

Part 1: The Essentials

  • Getting around Edmonton.
  • Where to get autographs, pictures and how to try on a grey cup ring.
  • The Boozy laws of Alberta.

Part 2: Parties, Ranked

  • Team parties
  • Other Grey Cup parties
  • VIP events and the Player Awards

Part 3: The Hoser’s Itinerary

  • When and where to go on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to extract the most out of this tragically too short weekend.
  • The best parties on the best nights.
  • Game Day!

I’m always happy to share advice or tips with a fellow Grey Cup pilgrim so email me at or hail me via twitter @bluebastardcfl. As always, you can rant against me in the comments!

My arrival in Edmonton is schedule for Thursday night. Beware, I’ll be thirsty!

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