It’s Been a Bastard of a Winter

Everyone favourite mayor.

Lots of changes this off season. Geroy Simon is retiring and Rob Ford went to rehab. Will the league be the same?

Heave-ho yuh scurvy dogs!  

I’m back!  It’s that time of year again so wipe away those frozen tears of winter past and wash your football jerseys.  Which time?  The time when all Canadian teams are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the grass is green and beer gets warm if left outside — training camp!

Well, maybe.

Contract or not CFL clubs are expected to open camp today.  The CBA is a rant best left for another day.  Hopefully they get ‘er done and I won’t have time to write it.

It was a long, long off season.  Especially for the cellar dwellers.  What does 2014 have in store?  More of the same I’d wager but their are lots of new faces, many quarterback controversies and many more firings ahead.

How many games will Drew Willy start?

When will the fugitive Joe Mack be brought to justice?

Will the Rod Blacks have a better record than the Blue Bumblers?

So many questions, so many weeks left this season!  I can’t wait to start ripping on those of full of incompetence.  Stay tuned!  Same Bastard rants, same Basard Blog.

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