Semi Final Picks

The only surprise this year is seeing Calgary in the first round.

Time flies! Seems like this whole thing just kicked off a few weeks ago.

Edmonton @ Montreal: Sunday, November 10th (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Montreal
You have to give Khari Jones credit. He’s turned the Als into a good team. Edmonton is going to have a very hard time winning this game. It’s good to see Montreal competitive again.

Winnipeg @ Calgary: Sunday, November 10th (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
When was the last time Calgary lost a home play off game? I honestly can’t remember. I don’t think it’s happened with BLM at the controls. Weather conditions should favour the run. The Bomber’s have to use that to their advantage if there’s any chance of an upset.

Last week: 4-0.

Season: 59-17 


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