Semi Final Picks


Semi Final Picks

All aboard the playoff train!

Who has the best kicker? Both of these games are going down to the final play.

BC @ Hamilton: Sunday, November 11 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC
The West has won four cross-over semi finals out twelve (33%), including last year. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Hamilton without Brandon Banks. This is a team that lost to Montreal last week and only has one receiver left from the start of the year (Luke Tasker). Where are their weapons?

The only thing consistent about the Lion’s this year has been inconsistency. However, Travis Lulay, albeit banged up, has playoff experience and that killer instinct. Plus they’ll have Solomon Elimimian back on defense.

On the balance you should take BC by a point.

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, November 11 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Winnipeg
The Bombers haven’t beaten the Riders in a playoff game in 53 years. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t watched them lose the last two encounters in person (2007, 2003). This time however, the Bomber QB is healthy (see Kevin Glenn 2007) and the Rider QB, arguably, is not (concussed Collaros?).

While it’s true the Rider defence is formidable, their offence is often flaccid and outmatched this week. Winnipeg will not shut out Saskatchewan again but if they can keep from turning over the ball they will win. Saskatchewan won’t be able to contain both Harris and Streveler on the ground so their defence will have to stay honest, leaving room in the secondary for Nichols and Adams.

Add in the fact that Riders’ fans are all over the forums bragging about playoff and Labour Day “domination” and one senses they are fated to loose this weekend.

Last week: 4-0 Helluva way to finish.

Season: 53-28



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