Semi Final Weekend Picks

Odds makers have some sure bets for you this week!

Odds makers have some sure bets for you this week!

Semi Finals!

Where did the season go?  One day you’re watching exhibition, the next you’re on the phone with the Argos moving your Grey Cup seats because they screwed you on pricing.

Edmonton @ Hamilton: Sunday, November 13 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
Way back before week 1 I picked Hamilton to finally win it this year.  Flash forward to today and does anyone outside of Hamilton think they are going to win this game?  There’s a very good chance of Edmonton making it to the Cup.  Frankly, no one in the East deserves to.

Winnipeg @ BC: Sunday, November 13 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: BC
Blasphemy, I know, but if there’s one thing Wally Buono can be counted on it’s for beating Winnipeg in the playoffs.  The Bombers blew it at the end of the regular season and now they’ll pay the price.  If BC can keep turnovers down to three or less they’ve got the game.  Winnipeg seemingly has no other answer for Jennings and the BC offence.

Last Week

4-0 In a week that didn’t really matter.


49-32.  I don’t really feel proud about that.

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