Semi-Final Weekend Picks

I doubt Matt will be doing much running this week.

Week 20 Picks

Wooohoooo!  Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

Saskatchewan @ Ottawa: Sunday, November 12 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
Many of you seem to think Saskatchewan is going to be the first western team to cross over and make it all the way to the Grey Cup.  I’m not one of you.  Both teams played relatively well down the stretch but Saskatchewan has Kevin Glenn, whereas Ottawa has home field advantage.  Plus, we saw what Ottawa did last year under pressure…

Edmonton @ Winnipeg: Sunday, November 12 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
No one outside of Winnipeg is taking the Bombers.  Nichols will play but even chimpanzees know he’s not 100%.  Winnipeg is suffering through the football injury equivalent of the bubonic plague.  Yes, it’s true the Bombers beat the Racists twice this season but that was when Edmonton was suffering from mid-season plague themselves.  Tomorrow features the league’s best passer versus the league’s worst pass defence.  The only hope the Bombers have is to win the turnover battle and outperform on special teams.  All Edmonton has to do is play a clean game.  Hope I’m wrong!


Last Week 2-2

Season 53-24



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