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So what’s making news this week?
Terry Pegula

Terry Pegula, the guy who owns the Sabres, now owns two losing franchises. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because the NFL is not coming to Canada to crush the CFL.

Or was that every going to happen?


“If the CFL loses Toronto then that’s it for the league!” -One out of every two commenter’s on

Nothing could be further from the truth. For many, many years now the Argos have been a leech on the league’s teat. They take proportionately as much money out of the CFL as Quebec does out of Confederation. They haven’t been a net contributor to the league’s finances since… maybe the McNall, Gretzky, Candy days?  How many times have they been bailed out of bankruptcy?  Losing Toronto certainly wouldn’t be a good thing but it would have about the same impact on the league as all those times Ottawa folded.  The commenters on this site have never made such an idiotic claim (mostly because they’re aren’t any).

On the other hand an argument could be made that since MLSE failed to land the Bills the Argos are worse off. A long standing rumour says MLSE would be forced to buy the Argos and keep them alive no matter the cost as a condition of NFL franchise ownership.  That could be why Braley keeps holding out for a King’s ransom and hasn’t sold.

Or he might just be greedy, which is probably more likely.

He’s apparently cut all the marketing staff (or they’ve quit) and I’ve read there is no one in charge of selling tickets because you know, costs. The team was also forced to practice in three different places last week. I’m not sure where else he can cut but it’s probably a bad time to be foreskin on an Argonaut.

Current state of affairs of the Toronto Argonauts.

Current state of affairs of the Toronto Argonauts.

Perhaps Braley now comes to his senses and realizes MLSE are the only ones interested. I’d say he needs to smarten up but I’m not the one who stands to lose millions on the sale.

Maybe MLSE is waiting for him to put them into bankruptcy again…

2014 Not the year of the Starter

Two more QBs went down last week. Only Willy, Ray and BLM have started all their team’s games this year.

Durrant is done for the year and Lulay is probably done forever.  I have never shed a tear for the Riders and I never will. Even with their perfect o-line and gargantuan run game I think most will agree their chances of winning the Grey Cup are only now marginally better than the Bombers. So sad.

Almost as sad as the 13th man...

Almost as sad as the 13th man…

As for the Lions I am positively elated that they are now married to Kevin Glenn.

BC’s stuck with the best mediocre QB to ever play. He has never won a Grey Cup and can play as long as he likes but he’ll never get it.

I bet Thomas DeMarco is sitting with his shredded knee propped up on a chair somewhere at an Ottawa bar pumping quarters into a jukebox thinking “I could have been someone.”

Could have been a someone on a team with a chance. Instead he's a no one on a team without a chance.

Could have been a someone on a team with a chance. Instead he’s hurt and a no one on a team without a chance.

Worst Game in modern CFL History

BC over Ottawa 7-5 with no touch downs? I called Rogers and asked for my money back and then they told me I actually owe $170 because I haven’t paid my bill since signing up in June. Their should be a rule saying that in a game where no touchdowns are scored both teams lose.

For reference the lowest scoring game ever was Toronto over Hamilton 2-0 on September 20, 1947.


Yes, the new Bomber uniforms do look like Medusa’s prom dress. They would have been great Argos uniforms as Twitter pointed out. Someone fucked up but that’s practically the CFL’s motto. What Winnipeg fans really want is the royal blue full time but the Bombers won’t do it. Just like Winnipeg fans want a Grey Cup but the Bombers won’t do that either…









I will point out that the Lions and Als uniforms are spectacular. Montreal should be throwing all their old gear into the garbage. Those were truly dated and hideous.

Bombers Move to the West – Still Angry

I know I’ve ranted about this a few times but I’m still torqued about it. So many people thought this move was righting a historical wrong. It’s not. The Bombers at 6-5 are now last in the West. In the East they’d be in first place by a whole three games with 9 weeks left in the season. It’s entirely possible that they’ll finish with a better record that the top Eastern team but still miss the playoffs! Think about that for a second. The Bombers are 1-4 against the West and have lost all three games to the Riders, it’s not going to get any easier for them. All you have to do is get to the Grey Cup and anything can happen (check out 2001).  Last or first? Everyone would rather be first, unless playing in the Western division is more important?

No time for Ray Rice… I’m sure he’ll still be in the news next week.


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