The Mac, She’s a Cruel Mistress

Glass: more durable than than a CFL QB.

Glass: more durable than a CFL QB.

Canadian Football enters its second week after an opening set that would have taken a time machine to forecast.  A couple of thoughts before kick-off tonight:

The Fragile Quarterback League

3/9 CFL starters are now injured after the first week and a full 33% of quarterbacks that saw any game action are hurt.  Underwater welding would be a safer occupation.


"Damn Kevin Glenn and his black voodoo magic!"

“Damn Kevin Glenn and his black voodoo magic!”

didn’t expect Darian Durrant to make it the full campaign but a ruptured achilles in the 2nd quarter of the season?  Incredible.  Such as bizarre injury to boot as it was self inflicted while untouched.  Has anyone checked Kevin Glenn’s locker for a Durrant voodoo doll?  Seriously I’m not kidding, how else do you explain it?  Glenn is cursed.  This is the third team in a row (Calgary, BC, Saskatchewan) that has had to make a claim on their KG5 insurance policy.  Just when everyone thought he was finally going to fade away he gets another full season.  His legacy as the best backup QB to ever play in the CFL is now cemented.


His dirty pony tail totem was the only thing keeping Kevin Glenn's voodoo spells at bay. He has now been diagnosed with early onset Lulay Shoulder disease.

His creepy pony tail totem was the only thing keeping Kevin Glenn’s voodoo spells at bay. Days after donating it to charity he was diagnosed with early onset Lulay Shoulder disease.

The silver lining to Montreal losing their #1 and #2 quarterbacks is two fold:

  1. We may get to see a Canadian QB start for the first time since 1996.
  2. Montreal may miss the playoffs.

I didn’t say it was a silver lining for Montreal…  I’ll actually be rooting for them if Bridge starts.  It would be great for the league and football in Canada if a Canadian QB starts and wins (or even plays decently) in a game.  It’s the kind of thing that can aid in recruiting the much coveted “younger generation”.


Bodog had Edmonton’s win total at 10.5 before the season started and that now looks very improbable.  The Eskies are saying 10-12 weeks before Reilly makes it back into the lineup.  They could be out of the playoffs by then, especially after getting beaten so convincingly by the Argos.  The Mac, she’s a cruel mistress.


"So incredibly happy I wasn't playing in week 1."

“So incredibly happy I wasn’t playing in week 1.”

I’m surprised Lulay didn’t separate his thrower shoulder getting into his car during the bye last week.  For sure he’s going down this season, will it be on Saturday for Buck Pierce II?

The 2015 Prognostication Revisited

Week 1 really destroyed my view of how the season would play out and already the Prognostication is in the toilet.  The playoff picture looks immeasurably different in its wake.

Wild West

With QB injuries in Saskatchewan and Edmonton I no longer strongly believe Edmonton will finish second with the Riders in third.  In fact, 2nd place is up for grabs completely.  Calgary will still finish first but it could be Winnipeg or just as easily BC in second.  Kevin Glenn might even be good enough for the Riders to finish there, though I doubt it.

Beastly East?

Not yet. Ottawa beating Montreal’s third stringer doesn’t get them into the playoffs but the West is much weaker today so maybe they can come up with 7 or 8 wins and finish third.  Ottawa and Montreal could conceivably battle for the last spot and the West might not be good enough to cross over.

On the face of their convincing win over Edmonton who’s to say Toronto isn’t now favoured for second?  Going 9-9 probably gets them there and they’ve already got one road win out of their terrible five game road trip.  No Ray, no problem it would seem early on.

The real key to figuring out this mess is correctly answering, “How bad are Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Ottawa and Montreal going to be this year?”

Very interesting times in the CFL right now and heading into week 2 there is a lot of parity, more than we’ve seen in several years.  Week 1’s games were all great to watch, even with the injuries.  If this continues (minus the injuries) the league will get exactly what they were hoping for with the rule changes this year, record viewership.

With that, onto the Week 2 Picks.


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