Week 17 Picks


All the way to the bank!

All the way to the bank!

Undefeated three weeks running and gunning for four!

Ottawa @ Hamilton: Friday, October 17 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton

Should be no contest.

Montreal @ Toronto: Saturday, October 18 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto

Shouldn’t be an issue for Toronto but I won’t call it a slam dunk either.

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Saturday, October 19 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

HAHAHAHA!  League’s best run against the league’s worst run D.  Cornish is second in league rushing having missed 7 games.  The Bombers are not likely to win another game this year.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, October 20 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton

kerrrr-RRRYYY jo-SSSSEPH!!!!!  Is not here to save the day.

Last Week

(4-0) Unbeaten three weeks in a row! (46-19) on the year for a win percentage of .708.  You’re getting rich off me.

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