Week 3 Picks

Big bets this week.

Big bets this week.

Is is too early to see trends?  Maybe not after week 3 when everyone has at least 2 games in…

Winnipeg @ Montreal: Friday, July 11 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Winnipeg

Winnipeg has won in Montreal their last three visits.  Their first two victories were a blowout and a come from behind but injury Santa has arrived early and is handing out strains and pulls to everyone.  Montreal will be bringing defensive pressure and if the Bomber offensive line counters they will win.  The Blue defense shut down Ricky Ray and for three quarters shut down Hank Burris, Troy Smith should be very afraid.

Ottawa @ Edmonton: Friday, June 11 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton

This game will tell us a lot about 2014.  If Edmonton wins the doubters will have to shut up, if Ottawa pulls it off people are going to start talking about whether or not Ottawa can get home field advantage in the playoffs.  Take the home squad.

Calgary @ Toronto: Saturday, June 12 (6:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto

I really liked what I saw from Toronto last week and I didn’t like what I saw from Calgary in week 1.  No news on Cornish so I’ll assume he’s out for the purpose of this pick, but actually I’m not sure it matters.  Ricky Ray is back, Argos fans are not.

BC @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, June 5 (9:30pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan

They only thing anyone should be wondering about here is how many INTs will Kevin Glenn throw?

Last Week

(2-2) and (4-4) on the year.  The law of averages stinks.

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