Week 4 Picks

FREE!  That's right!

That’s right! FREE!

The winners and losers are starting to show their true colours and someone is likely to loose their first game this week (unless there’s a tie tonight).

Edmonton @ Winnipeg: Thursday, July 17 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Winnipeg

Winnipeg’s margin of victory has shrunk each of the past two weeks.  There’s only one battle that matters in this game — Winnipeg’s offensive line vs the Edmonton pressure.  To the victor of that battle goes the W.  I’m taking the home team although I wouldn’t put more than a couple of dollars on it.

Toronto @ Ottawa: Friday, June 18 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa

Both teams have looked terrible.  No Chad Owens for Toronto either.  Ottawa has a lot to play for in front of their first ever home game and sellout.  I think they’ll finally get it together this week, especially if they get an early lead.

Hamilton @ Calgary: Friday, June 18 (10:0pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary


Montreal @ BC: Saturday, June 19 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC

Montreal just can’t win here.  They’ll need Kevin Glenn to choke which is always a good possibility.

Last Week

(2-2) and (6-6) on the year.  Barf.

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