Week 4 Picks

Pickin’s easy so far this year, time to raid the coin and bill collection for some extra scratch!

So there’s a new gunslinger in town… When does he have to face a real defence?

BC @ Ottawa: Thursday, June 30th

Pick: BC
Like most Canucks, I’m biased. Who doesn’t love the new Canadian QB sensation Nathan Rourke!?!

Edmonton @ Hamilton: Friday, July 1st

Pick: Hamilton
Mercifully, one of these two should leave 1-3. Or maybe you take them to tie!?!?!

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, July 2nd

Pick: Montreal
There wasn’t enough from the Riders last week to convince me anything would be different this time around.

Winnipeg @ Toronto: Monday, July 4th

Pick: Winnipeg
BMO has been the only house of horrors for the Bombers over the past few years. It stops in a few days.

Last week: 3-1

Season: 9-3


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