Week 4 Picks

Last week wasn’t exactly a showcase of well executed technical football.  It ended with losing records for five teams, including the whole Eastern Division.  Is it the battle for first or the battle of the basement this week?  At least one team in the East will set themselves apart (hint: Argo-snots) and the others will likely stay right where they belong.

Argo-snots (1-2) @ Bombers (1-2): Fri, July 19th, 8:00pm EDT

Pick: Snots
A putrid Winnipeg offence has lost a couple more starting receivers and has to dress a 20-year-old (although we all certainly wish him good luck tonight).  They are so bad maybe rotating some new corpses in there can, paradoxically, breathe new life into this zombie.  A consequence of the offence being so inept is the defence spending a lot of time on the field and the injuries that result are taking their toll.  Perhaps the bombers should change their colours to black and blue.  The Argo-snots aren’t doing much better offensively, but they ARE better.  Winnipeg’s defence needs to generate some points of their own if they want a chance to win.  Another seven sacks wouldn’t hurt either.

Larks (1-2) @ Stumps (2-1): Sat, July 20th, 7:00pm EDT

Pick: Stumps
They got beat by Kevin Glenn last week.  No reason to assume they won’t get beat again in Calgary this week.  Dan Hawkins still hasn’t figured Canada out (he’s not the only one in this league).  Tate’s out again but no one is surprised by that and it probably doesn’t matter the way the Larks are playing.

Racists (1-2) @ BC Sucks (2-1): Sat, July 20th, 10:00pm EDT

Pick: BC Sucks 
OK, enough with the back-to-backs already.  Did the schedule maker lose a bar bet?  No contest here.  BC is a much superior team and are also at home.  I’m sure Deadmonton wishes they were playing in the East.  Actually, I’m sure they’re wishing they didn’t have to play at all this week.

Pussy-Cats (1-2) @ Inbreds (3-0): Sun, July 21st, 7:00pm EDT

Pick: Inbreds
Another easy pick.  Saskabush looks like the only team that has its act together and I couldn’t be more horrified.  Let’s hope history repeats itself and they go 5-10 down the stretch.  Hamilton looked horrible against an even more horrible Winnipeg last week and that’s the only reason why they have a win.

Last Week:

(1-3) It’s a good thing I don’t get paid to write this.


(4-8) It’s turning around this week.

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