Week 5 Picks

Independent wealth is yours for the taking!

Independent wealth is yours for the taking!

Week 5 Picks

After four weeks of the 2016 campaign, the strong and the weak have identified themselves.

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Thursday, July 21 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
Winnipeg has only beaten Calgary something like once in the last 24 tries.  Willy is terrible.  This is a lock for the Stamps.

Ottawa @ Saskatchewan: Friday, July 22, (9:00pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
The Riders will win a game eventually but as I keep professing: until they do we have to assume they are terrible.

Hamilton @ Edmonton: Saturday, July 23, (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
We have seen that Masoli isn’t the second coming of Collaros.  No Zach, no win.  On the other side of the field, Reilly is a machine and this is a QB driven league.

Montreal @ Toronto: Monday, July 25 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
What kind of bullshit is this?  A Monday game?  Even in a new stadium the Argos just can’t get it right.  Take them for the win though, Montreal is a stinky, rotten, dead fish.

Last Week

4-0  Ha!  There it is.


8-8.  Gulp.  If only the Bombers could play .500 football.

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