Week 5 Picks

All this could be yours if you just follow my simple plan...

All this could be yours if you just follow my simple plan…

Week 5 and things are starting to trend in the direction most people thought they would back in June.

Calgary @ Edmonton: Thursday, July 24 (9:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton

Calgary looked haggard and didn’t deserve to win last week.  I don’t care if “the experts” keep calling Calgary the best team in the CFL, they almost lost to Hamilton at home and only scored 10 points.  Edmonton’s finding ways to win and that’s what the CFL is all about.

Winnipeg @ BC: Friday, July 25 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC

The wheels really came off the Bomber cart last week and their secret weakness has been exposed: bring pressure.  BC has a formidable defensive line and for some weird reason Kevin Glenn has stopped (hopefully temporarily) throwing picks.

Ottawa @ Hamilton: Saturday, July 26 (7:0pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa

I don’t think either of these two managed a TD last week so who knows?

Toronto @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, July 26 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan

Handing the Rider’s their own teeth in Toronto is one thing, it’s another in the land of banjos and tractors.  Plus Toronto got beat by field goals last week.

Last Week

(3-1) and (9-7) on the year.  I knew Edmonton was going to win last week, I just didn’t have in my heart to go against Winnipeg.

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