Week 9 Picks

football-bettingYou were unanimous in your condemnation of my pick of Hamilton over Winnipeg last week.  As bad as I felt it had to be done and I can assure you being correct did not take the sting out of that loss.  You’re not going to like this week’s picks any better.

BC (5-2) @ Montreal (2-5): Thursday, August 22 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: BC
AC had his bell rung good last week. Are we watching his last season? It’s nice to see Montreal QB’s getting gooned after all those years they did it to Winnipeg without any repercussions. Cue the backup (Josh Neiswander).  We might as well call 2013 “the season of the backup”. BC isn’t as good as their record but they are certainly good enough to make this a lock.

Calgary (5-2) @ Toronto (5-2): Friday, August 23 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
A Grey Cup rematch but without Nik Lewis or John Cornish (probably). Kevin Glenn is still throwing though! SkyDome (no it’s not Rogers Centre) is Kevin’s kryptonite. It’s rare for him to walk out of there with the win or without an arm in a sling.  Toronto’s defense looks almost as bad as the Bombers’ but when you have Ricky Ray playing at his best you don’t need one.

Winnipeg (1-6) @ Hamilton (3-4): Saturday, August 24 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
Look, I’m going to be there on Saturday and I’ll be making more noise than anyone else, but Hamilton’s had Winnipeg’s goat all year.  Marcel Bellefeuille coming in a turning the whole offense around in one week? I think not. Even if he does the Bomber D gave up 250 yards to Hank in the first half alone last game. It’s not about cheering against Winnipeg or for Hamilton, it’s about making an rational decision uninfluenced by emotion.

Saskatchewan (6-1) @ Edmonton (1-6): Saturday, August 24 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
I’m sure glad Mack didn’t give away the first round draft pick he used to select Andy Mulumba (going to make it with the Cheeseheads and might not ever see the CFL) in exchange for Mike Rilley.  The last thing the Bombers need is a QB throwing for 500+ yards but I digress…  This could very easily go Edmonton’s way and end in an upset.  Saskatchewan’s defence is much better than Toronto’s and that’s why I’m going with them.  If Riley has another game like last week the Eskies win.  This might be the the game of the week.

Last Week

(4-0) Finally some redemption.


(16-12) One more week like last’s and it might start to look like I know what I’m doing.

I dare you to do better.  Leave your picks below.

Also, this week’s rant should be up later today as long as my boss stays off my back.

5 thoughts on “Week 9 Picks

  1. cmon man, you go 4 and 0 last week and you should be 2 and 0 this week. Sure hope the streak stays for todays game in Hamilton. I’ll be watching the tube to see you there.

    • Yup Ricky Ray screwed me by going down. The Bombers throwing in the towel only makes the week worse. No word on whether my mug made it on the tube.

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