Blood Bath Continues – TWO Heads on Pikes!


Those who stand in the way of victory and the Grey Cup shall pay the price.  The people will not be denied.

Blood on the streets!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

Two heads for the price of one!

Serves Garth right for waffling like he did at the end of last season about firing Mack. The decision to fire him now, as right as it was, is an admission that the 2013 season is likely lost and that he screwed up big time last November. I’m sure it didn’t help that he left for vacation right after recommending Mack’s removal. No one knows who the leaker is either, could have been Buchko himself for all we know.

I think Wade Miller is a great interim fit for the job. He’s a true Blue Bomber and has been successful in his business ventures since leaving the game. This is way smarter than hiring some idiot from CJOB.  We’ll re-evaluate when he hires the new GM.

Hopefully the Board of Directors gave him the power to fire the Board of Directors. They should be next to go right after we affix Crowton’s head up in line with the first two.

Can we make it three heads for the week please?

I’ll ask again, when’s the parade?


Vive la révolution!

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