Fresh Blood in the Streets of Winnipeg

I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. Why did I take this job?

“I have no fucking clue what I’m doing. Why haven’t they fired me?”

Timmy finally got it today.  Why that took as long as it did is anyone’s guess.

The FreeP is reporting the likely candidate for his replacement as Khari Jones, the cro-magnon that was run out of town years ago for being the opposite of bright.  If you can’t tell how I feel about that already then let me be explicit: Khari Jones is not the man to lead the Bombers to the promised land.  You read it here first.

The reason why KJ is probably only a couple of weeks from moving in is because Dave Dickenson is reportedly not interested in leaving Calgary.  Old Huf is getting up there in age and speculation is he may pull a Buono and focus on sitting in the GM’s chair if the Stamps win the Cup this year.  That leaves the HC spot open for Dave.  Why would he want any part of this shit show anyway?

Sounds like all the assistants are on their way out too.  Excellent.

After hiring the GM the board should fire themselves.



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