I Survived the 103rd Grey Cup

The only time it's acceptable to share with a Rider fan.

The only time it’s acceptable to share with a Rider fan.

Finally feeling normal again after a party weekend worthy of a Nation Lampoon’s movie.  Some time it was in River City this year!  I tip my mask to the Grey Cup Committee and festival organizers.  It was a very well run show from the minute I deplaned all the way to boarding the flight home.

A lot of readers made a point of telling me in person how much they enjoyed and appreciated the Hoser’s Guide to the 103rd Grey Cup.  Your positive feedback will only encourage me to write the 104th Hoser’s Guide next year for Toronto.

A full Hoser’s Review of the 103rd Grey Cup is looming, hopefully by the end of next week.  Check back then or subscribe to email notifications (bottom right) to find out what was better than 102 (TD Manitoba) and what really disappointed (fan march).

Until then, let the holidays take your mind of the fact that there’s no CFL for another six months.


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