Gary “The Goat” Loses Job, Keeps Title; Quarterback Carousel Continues

Gary “the Goat” Keeps His Title but Hopefully Stops Calling Plays

"On third and short gamble one shall run from the shotgun!"

“On a third and short gamble one shall always run from the shotgun!”

Dammit. We were this close to making it a triple play over the weekend. Krauton damn near got the public execution ALL had been calling for but escaped. It’s insulting he was allowed to keep his head. Wade Miller is a merciful King. It isn’t all bad though, one of the very names from this space’s Week 6 rant to replace the Goat has been hired to fix the offence!

The Winnipeg Airlift continued today with the announcement that Marcel Bellefeuille is parachuting into town mere days after the Great Purge of 2013. He has been given the title of Offensive Babysitter. Details are sparse but one has to think Marcel will be calling the plays or at least vetting them at a minimum. He will also be another coach around to help the Quarterbacks.

Bellefeuille isn’t exactly a football god but anything is better than the Goat and we should finally see some sanity in the playbook.  One thing he is known for are the run offences he has developed in the past.  Expect Chad to benefit.

Will the Goat be scanning tickets at the gate on Friday? Keep your eyes open and let me know.

Quaterback Carousel Continues

Max Hall is terrified of getting on.

Max Hall is terrified of getting on.

Another wish from Week 6 has come true: Max Hall has been named the starter and will see game reps. Well, why the hell not? Goltz had his two games and was the polar the opposite of backup QBs Bo Levi Mitchell (Stamps) and Zach Collaros (Argos). Expecting Hall to come and save the season is probably asking too much but until Friday we can savour the sweet taste of untarnished hope.  He doesn’t have to break any records, he just needs to find a way to win.

I like this ride. 5 starting QBs in 1 and 1/3rd seasons. I’m not sure if that has ever happened anywhere before. Only in the CFL. The 2013 preseaon continues…

The End of an Error

Someone said they saw Joe Mack under protective custody.

Someone said they saw Joe Mack under protective custody.

Time for the Fire Department to come out, spray the burning buildings and wash the streets of blood. It may be six games too late but the demands of Bomber fans have been met. The club has bought itself twelve more until management is put back on trial by the mob. How many wins by season’s end? Comment below!

Best bye week ever!

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