Week 20 Picks

Quality of all CFL games now 90% off!

Quality of all CFL games now 90% off!

Week 20 Picks

Mercifully the end of the regular season is here.  Traditionally the last week of the season is mostly meaningless and this season has proved no exception.  It closes with the Bombers, Argos, Lions, Stamps, Als and Eskies all playing their third exhibition game of the year.

Winnipeg @ Toronto: Friday, November 6 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
Winnipeg starts their fifth QB of the season playing another nothing game in TO.  The league laughs.

Hamilton @ Ottawa: Saturday, November 7, (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
Hamilton starts their third QB of the season.  Ottawa laughs.

BC @ Calgary: Saturday, November 7, (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
A dress rehearsal where no one wants to get hurt.  These two play the exact same game next week for keeps.

Montreal @ Edmonton: Saturday, October 24 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
No reason for these two to bang each other up either.

Last week

2-2.  It’s been a tough year to be consistent.


41-31  Not my best year that’s for sure.

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