Week 3 Picks

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Week 3 Picks

I sure wouldn’t want to be a quarterback. Not this year. Half the league’s teams are without their starting QBs! Drew Willy isn’t a starter.

Ottawa @ Calgary: Thursday, June 28 (9:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

Winnipeg @ Hamilton: Friday, June 29 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
I really liked what I saw out of Winnipeg last week, but, that was against Montreal. Also, Hamilton beat Edmonton, Winnipeg could not.

BC @ Edmonton: Friday, June 29 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
Look for the Racists to bounce back against the clawless Lions at home.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, June 30 (9:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
The Riders may have lost their starter but at least they had one to begin with. Remember, Drew Willy isn’t a starter.

Last week: 2-2

Season: 6-2.



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