Week 3 Picks


I said you were crazy if you had BC in week 2. My mother said I shouldn’t say things like that.

Edmonton @ BC: Thursday, August 19th

Pick: BC
If you don’t have BC, you’re crazy.

Montreal @ Calgary: Friday, August 20th

Pick: Montreal
Which matchup is Calgary going to win while Bo is on the 6-game?

Winnipeg @ Toronto: Saturday, August 21st

Pick: Winnipeg
Last I checked the Bombers were 6.5 point favourites. I think there is potential for an Argo upset here. The Bombers have not played well historically at BMO.

Ottawa @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, August 21th

Pick: Saskatchewan
Ottawa is the only team that isn’t really surprising anyone. They are just as bad as everyone claimed.

Last week: 3-1

Season: 5-3


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