Week 4 Picks

Perfect in week 4 or none of your money back!

Perfect in week 4 or none of your money back!

Week 4 Picks

WHY do we still have ties in this league?!?!

Ottawa @ Toronto: Wednesday, July 13 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
Looks like I underestimated Ottawa this season.  They are, in fact, the real deal.  Toronto?  Jekyll and Hyde it seems.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg: Thursday, July 14, (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton by a hair
Winnipeg needed Hamilton to turn the ball over seven times and still nearly lost last week.  That won’t happen against Edmonton.  Also, Drew Willy is terrible.

Hamilton @ Montreal: Friday, July 15, (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
Should be no contest (as long as Hamilton can keep their mitts on the ball).  Everyone in Montreal is hurt or terrible (Kevin Glenn).

BC @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, July 16 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC
From last week’s picks: “Until Saskatchewan shows us they aren’t terrible we have to assume they are.”

Last Week

1-2 plus there was a tie, what do I do with that?  That’s a loss on pro-line so I suppose it shakes out as 1-3. Ick.


4-8.  Gulp.  Though I noticed several with the same record on the interwebs.

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