Week 4 Picks

Football pick. Get it?

It looks like even the Argos staff are putting all their effort into MLSE re-signing Kawhi.

Hamilton @ Montreal: Thursday, July 4th (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
All we can hope for is that Montreal will at least make it entertaining for a quarter or two. Where the hell is Johnny Football?

Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Friday, July 5 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Winnipeg
I have no confidence in this pick. I did not like what I saw from Winnipeg’s Offence last week. This is Ottawa’s first test against a real defence. They’ll likely win if they can score 30 points. Ottawa always seems to have the Bombers’ number.

BC @ Toronto: Saturday, July 7 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC
The Argos are the CFL’s equivalent of the bingo free square. Their season probably ends this week.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, July 6 (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
This is shaping up to be the most interesting battle of the backups since… never? I dunno flip a coin. I guess the Riders but it should be a good game!

Last week: 4-0 Pretty damn good start to the season!

Season: 10-1


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