Week 7 Picks

freefootballpicksThat’s right all of The Blue Bastard’s football picks are FREE!  Just like the featured image says.  Why are they free?  Because I’ve been terrible so far this season and you wouldn’t pay even if I were 22-0.  If you are the type of person who wants to hand your money over for them you likely don’t have any because you have probably blown it all on Q-Ray ionized bracelets or acai berries.

Another sad two game week.  I suppose that leaves time for thinks like cutting the grass, cleaning the garage, taking a shower or other things I have zero interest in doing during football season.

Toronto (3-2) @ Montreal (2-3): Thursday, August 8 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto
Toronto looked much, much better when they beat BC with their backup.  The Argos really look like they are being coached well.  Montreal, on the other hand, has just fired their head coach.  One going up, one going down.  Toronto might lock up first place with a win.  Haha.

Saskatchewan (5-0) @ Calgary (4-1): Friday, August 9 (9:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
Gotta ride the hot hand as much as I hate doing it.  No one is sure who’s starting at QB for Calgary but it doesn’t matter.  Each pivot is capable of winning unlike another team I write about frequently… This should be a great game.

Last Week

(1-1) Hamilton cetainly has Winnpipeg and Edmonton figured out this year.


(11-11) Still better than the Bombers!

Bet you can’t do better.  Leave your picks below.

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