Week 1 Picks

Let it ride.

Let it ride.

It’s back! It’s back! It’s back!

The CFL 2014 edition kicks off tonight!

Like the Blue Bumblers I was terrible last year and like the Bumblers this year it should be very easy to do better. I’m already on my way to see my bookie.

Toronto @ Winnipeg: Thursday, June 26 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto

Ha.  Everyone seems new on the Bumblers this year and half of them are hurt.  No offensive line, rookie RB and a starting QB with four games experience.  You should all be taking Ricky Ray on your fantasty team this week.

Montreal @ Calgary: Saturday, June 28 (3:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

Montreal also suffers from newness disease.  As long as Bo Mitchell plays to his abilities Calgary should walk all over Montreal.

Edmonton @ BC: Saturday, June 28 (6:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC

A much more even matchup than the first two.  Which Kevin Glenn will show up?  Jekyll or Hyde?  Edmonton has a good chance upsetting.

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, November 29 (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan

The typical first week Grey Cup rematch.  Over 18 games Hamilton may prove the better team but winning in Saskatchewan is never easy, especially with a brand new quarterback.

Last Season

(42-30) or .583 which isn’t a lot better than the dart board. This year will be better or I’ll shotgun a six pack.

Now go give your pay cheque to ProLine!

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