Week 2 Picks

Week 2 Picks

I'm getting rich this week.

I’m getting rich this week.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg: Thursday, July 2 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton

The Bombers defense was absolutely terrible last week, atrocious even.  Hamilton came within a couple of first down of beating Calgary at home.  Also, Hamilton made mince meat of Winnipeg in the pre-season, whether or not that means anything is up for debate.

Calgary @ Montreal: Friday, July 3 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

This one’s so lopsided there aren’t even odds for it yet.  Well, maybe it’s because the starting QB for Montreal hasn’t been announced.  Does it matter?  No, it doesn’t.  Calgary in a blowout.

BC @ Ottawa: Saturday, July 4 (6:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC

It’s dangerous to bet on Ottawa and BC’s one big enigma.  The home team has the crowd and confidence after a gritty road win.  BC has a questionable arm at QB.  My original pick was Ottawa but after thinking about it I’m taking BC since Lulay isn’t hurt yet.

Toronto @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, July 5 (3:30pm EDT)

Pick: Toronto

The Argos were never in danger of losing last week even though Reilly played nearly the whole game for Edmonton which on paper was much better than Toronto.  Kevin Glenn throws two things: lame ducks and INTs.  Maybe this Harris kid is for real.

Last Week

1-3.  I can’t predict QB injuries.  OK, not true, I did predict Durrant going down this year, but not so early and not for the whole season.


1-3.  It’s only been a week.

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