Week 18 Picks

Take the home boys. Winnipeg @ Toronto: Thursday, October 24 (7:30pm EDT) Pick: Toronto Toronto has nothing to play for, take Toronto.  Haha. Edmonton @ BC: Friday, October 25 (10:00pm EDT) Pick: BC BC at home has usually been a winning formula this year. Montreal @ Hamilton: Saturday, October 26 (1:00pm EDT) Pick: Hamilton No…

Week 17 Picks

Calgary @ Edmonton: Friday, October 18 (9:00pm EDT) Pick: Calgary Should be a no-brainer. Calgary has something to play for, Deadmonton does not. Toronto @ Winnipeg: Saturday, October 19 (3:30pm EDT) Pick: Toronto I really hope Winnipeg makes it interesting but Toronto has had their number for a while now. BC @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, October…

Week 16 Picks

BC  @ Calgary: Friday, October 11 (9:00pm EDT) Pick: Calgary Edmonton @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, October 12 (4:30pm EDT) Pick: Saskatchewan Winnipeg @ Montreal: Monday, October 12 (1:00pm EDT) Pick: Montreal Toronto @ Hamilton: Monday, October 12 (4:30pm EDT) Pick: Toronto Last Week (2-2) Season (30-22)

On Vacation

The Blue Bastard is in the middle of a three week vacation. Rants will be sporadic but the weekly picks will be posted. Even The Blue Bastard needs a break from these jerks. Back week 18.  

Week 15 Picks

Things went much more according to plan last week.  Also, the Riders are losing almost as bad as the Bombers. Hamilton (6-7) @ Toronto (9-4): Friday, October 04 (7:00pm EDT) Pick: Toronto Ricky Ray is back!  Does it matter?  No. Toronto wins. Saskatchewan (8-5) @ BC (9-4): Friday, October 04 (10:00pm EDT) Pick: BC BC’s…