The Blue Bastard’s Annual Canadian Football League Prognostication for 2022

Death, disease, bankruptcies, strikes, mergers and low attendance. Always drama. Every opening day seems like a miracle but we made it again in 2022. The leaves are green, football’s back and summer has begun!

Take a look at 2019 and 2021. Clearly I can see the future. Take your children’s education fund and multiply it based on the below. Do it now!


Competition continues to reign. Hamilton didn’t quite have enough of “it” to beat Winnipeg last season and I believe they’ve peaked. There shall be no cross-over again in 2022.

Toronto (13-5)

The Boatmen turned a corner last year. They were also the only team to beat the Bombers in a meaningful game. Can the QB with no first name (McLeod Bethel-Thompson) get his team over the Hamilton hump? Yes, you read it here first.

Hamilton (12-6)

A good team, but they will cough up key games against the Argos.

Montreal (7-11)

Khari Jones has about six weeks to cobble together a winning record or he’s done.

Ottawa (4-14)

I almost feel bad for Redblacks fans (almost). They’ll need to watch this season drunk to have any fun.


Looks a lot like last year. You gotta beat the champs to get to the Grey Cup!

Winnipeg (14-4)

The Bombers have the most dominating defense in decades. As long as Zach stays healthy there won’t be much any team can do to stop them. Biggest question: who kicks field goals?

Saskatchewan (12-6)

In any other year, probably a good enough team to climb to the top of the West.

Calgary (9-9)

All reports indicate BLM is 100%. I don’t buy it. This could be the last time he begins the season as a starter. A bright future in broadcasting awaits.

Edmonton (6-12)

Kenny Lawler took the money to leave Winnipeg but he’ll regret it after seeing Nick Arbuckle throwing the ball either over his head or at his feet all season.

BC (4-14)

Chooo-chooo! All aboard the train wreck! It’s great to see a Canadian QB starting the season. It won’t be great to see the empty seats after their opener.


East Semi

Hamilton beats Montreal at home.

West Semi

Saskatchewan takes care of Calgary in the battle of the brothers.

East Final

Toronto goes to the Grey Cup as Hamilton fades into a slow rebuild.

West Final

Saskatchewan keeps it close enough to be interesting, but the outcome is never in doubt, in a cold defensive struggle.

Grey Cup

The Bombers achieve the first dynasty since Edmonton and simultaneously become the most envied and hated team in the CFL.

Week 1 Picks

Calgary over Montreal – Calgary at home is usually pretty safe.
Winnipeg over Ottawa – Even a close game would be a shocker.
Saskatchewan over Hamilton – Giving the edge to the home side.
Edmonton over BC – This might be tough to watch.

See you in November, in Regina!


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