The Blue Bastard’s Annual Canadian Football League Prognostication for 2019

Hockey season officially ended last night and as it happens the CFL starts today!

I missed you football.

How’s the season going progress?

Exactly like this!


Hamilton (11-9)

The only Eastern team capable of making it to the Grey Cup. They should win every game against Eastern opponents. What an easy schedule.

Ottawa (7-11)

I’m not sure what’s left here. I had them at 8 wins until realizing Dominique Davis was named starter. You may remember him from such classics as getting cut from the Bombers. Jennings will be starting by week 4.

Toronto (5-13)

Apparently Toronto is running some kind of bizarre two QB system. Because they finally figured out how to make that work? Riiiiiight. The only thing keeping these guys out of the basement is Montreal.

Montreal (3-15)

I would need to invent new words to accurately describe how truly awful the situation is in Montreal. As fans of the CFL we should be worried. This team may fold.


Winnipeg (14-4)

The o-line was a question coming into camp but that seems sorted. That leaves the secondary as the only weakness on this team. This is the best Blue Bomber team since 2001.

Calgary (13-5)

It doesn’t matter how much turnover they’ve had, They still have the same QB and head coach. They are feared.

BC (11-7)

Vastly improved over last season and will contend for the division. This team is quite capable of winning the cup.

Edmonton (9-9)

BC’s gain is Edmonton’s loss and the only way they’re making the playoffs is by crossing over. The Edmonton Redblacks won’t get very far.

Saskatchewan (8-10)

Not at the same level of conflagration as the dumpster fires in the East but these guys look terrible. The west is too good for these guys to make it on luck alone.


East Semi

Edmonton beats Ottawa because the Redblacks made it in by default.

West Semi

Calgary beats BC in a game that was never in question.

East Final

This isn’t the year a Western team makes it to the Grey Cup via crossover. Hamilton over Edmonton in a nail bitter.

West Final

Winnipeg makes a statement win over Calgary at home.

Grey Cup

The curse has only 164 days left. Bombers to win the 107th Grey Cup! You read it here first!

Week 1 Picks

Hamilton over Saskatchewan
Edmonton over Montreal
Calgary over Ottawa
Winnipeg over BC

Is it kick-off yet!!?!


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