The Blue Bastard’s Annual Canadian Football League Prognostication for 2021

Let us never utter any five letter words starting with ‘c’ again. Four letter c-bombs are still fine though.

I have to admit that I gave the CFL only 50/50 odds of coming off the ventilator. I tried several times to scribe a new post but feared it would be the last. If that came to pass, I wanted the 107th to my last CFL memory.

Enough of that! Football’s back my beer drinking degenerate droogies!

In 2019, I told you exactly who was going to win the Grey Cup, 164 days before it happened! Who else had Winnipeg? Nobody I know or read! So read on and I shall enlighten you once more.


Yeah, it’s Hamilton’s to lose (on paper). So what? Anything can happen in the CFL, especially in a 14 game campaign.

Hamilton (10-4)

Everyone’s gushing over this team so much that an alien would wonder why we’d even bother playing out the season. What they’re forgetting is the Cats now own the league’s Grey Cup curse.

Montreal (8-6)

In a division that perennially allows a Western squad to steal a playoff spot, it isn’t hard to put together a winning record.

Toronto (6-8)

Ryan Dinwiddie as HC? What? Lapo might have saved the year for Toronto by taking Nichols off their hands. I still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel here. I think Doug Ford chose a 15,000 person limit for sports knowing the Argos could never get that many in BMO anyhow.

Ottawa (4-10)

I have nothing against Nichols personally and I think he probably has a great coaching career ahead, he’s just not a championship QB. Ottawa hooked their wagon to the wrong stallion. They will regret not keeping Arbuckle.


This will probably turn out to be the most competitive West division in years.

Winnipeg (8-6)

Questions about the secondary persist. What will they do when Zach goes down (and for how long)? The injury bug has already bitten Harris and Adams.

Edmonton (8-6)

Edmonton looks OK but they have gaps like everyone else in the division.

Saskatchewan (7-7)

You can’t bust five Achilles and be a winner, though the offence has potential.

Calgary (7-7)

Not as good as 2019 and they didn’t get any better. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team. It’s still hard to envision them below .500.

BC (5-9)

They didn’t fix the “keep Reilly’s head on his shoulders” problem. So they haven’t fixed their losing problem.


East Semi

Montreal beats Calgary as they cross-over.

West Semi

Saskatchewan upsets Edmonton, in Edmonton, in a shocker.

East Final

Hamilton completely chokes under the pressure of hosting 108. They do not advance to the Grey Cup, Montreal does. No I don’t, have them to win it all like everyone else does!

West Final

Winnipeg squeaks it out over Saskatchewan in a 2019 repeat.

Grey Cup

The Bombers become the first team to go back to back, poetically, against Montreal. It’s only close enough to be entertaining.

Week 1 Picks

Winnipeg over Hamilton – I think the fans win the rematch. Banner raising and a lot of binge drinking! It’s been a very, very long time since there was anything to do in Winnipeg…
Saskatchewan over BC – They’re just better.
Calgary over Toronto – Not sure the last time the Argos beat the Stamps even was.
Edmonton over Ottawa – Dunno which team has the worse name. They both should lose based on that alone.

It’s a short season, savour every bit! See you in Hamilton in 121 days!


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