Back From the 102nd Grey Cup

Proof I was there.

Proof I was there.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that I made it home from Vancouver alive.  l admit that I had no idea the Cats almost pulled it off right at the end until I picked up the paper the next morning (to be explained later).  Many souvenirs from one of the best Grey Cups I’ve been to came back with me this year, including a particularly nasty microbe.  As a consequence, I have spent the past seven days lamenting my own existence and thus the planned Hoser’s Review of the 102nd Grey Cup is later than I would have liked.  I am working on it but it could be next week before my next masterpiece makes it out.  So keep checking back!

The Blue Bastard in the Media

Whilst partying away in Vancouver loyal readers were alerting me to my presence in the media.  I think all of it was from the Fan March which was one hell of a time this year!

My favourite is the video from CTV BC (fun starts at 1:20) –

The Vancouver Sun and

CTV News and

Rossland Telegraph?

The Globe and Mail

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