Caution Rolling Heads Coming

Pat Tracey won't be the last.

Pat Tracey’s won’t be the last.

The sword has finally fallen and Pat Tracey is mercifully no longer the Special Teams Coordinator of the Blue Bumblers.  Why was his decapitation delayed for so long?  Most likely because Tracey was the position coach for both O’Shea and Kyle Walters in University.  It’s always easier to look the other way then do what needs to be done.  The unit has been gifting at least seven free points to the opposition per game and hasn’t improved since opening day.  He should have been axed weeks ago.

Surely Bellefail would be next were it not for the fact that a new QB (Matt Nichols) is in town.  Watch out for Marcel’s de-bodied head within the next couple of weeks.

What remains to be seen is how long O’Shea remains whole.  His record as HC is 10-18 and Vegas now has the Bombers as 50-1 (same as Saskatchewan) long shots for the Grey Cup.  Although Lulay (QB – BC, 2pts up on Wpg for 3rd in the west) is out for 3-6 weeks it’s fairly safe to say the season is lost.

"Heh? Why are you asking me? Why the hell should I know?"

“Heh? Why are you asking me? How the hell should I know?”

The worst thing Walters could do is retain O’Shea only to have the Bombers open 2016 the same or worse as 2015.  Certainly Wade Miller would then have to pull a Saskatchewan — fire O’Shea and then fire Walters for not firing O’Shea.

It’s worth mentioning at this point as well that the Bombers lack a first round draft pick in the upcoming draft because Walters selected Garrett Waggoner in the supplemental.  Mr. Waggoner, according to, has 4 special teams tackles…  It must feel hot in Kyle’s office, probably why he just made a trade for Saskatchewan’s second round pick.

Things have been so bad for the Bombers for so long it’s a statistical anomaly the trend has continued.  At what point does futility become a curse?  If Vegas had odds for Ottawa winning the Grey Cup before Winnipeg I would be putting money down.

The bi-annual regime change truly seems just around the corner and holds as much appeal as a colonoscopy.  Ugh.


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