Division Final Weekend Picks!


The CFL division final weekend features half of the league.

Only three very precious games left this year.  I sincerely hope this week’s are better than last’s, though the weather is only supposed to marginally better.  It really is time to move the start of the season up.

Montreal @ Hamilton: Sunday, November 23 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton

Montreal sure looked good didn’t they?  Or was it because BC is so bad?  These teams already played this game two weeks ago and Hamilton won.  I expect the same again although I’m hesitant to wager more than a beer on it.

Edmonton @ Calgary: Sunday, November 23 (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary

This is a mismatch.  Calgary is at full strength with Cornish back.  Edmonton’s star QB has a broken foot but will play on it anyway.  That eliminates Reilly’s run threat and will likely lead to more sacks than usual.  Calgary has won all three games versus Edmonton this year.  They win will the fourth too.

Last Week

(2-0) but they were easy picks.  (61-22) on the year.  Everything is going according to plan and we’re only one week away from Hamilton losing to Calgary in the Cup.

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