The Hoser’s Guide to the 104th Grey Cup

Welcome back to 2-4 Academy!

Welcome back to another year at 2-4 Academy!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Canadian Christmas is back and with it, the 104th edition of the Hoser’s Guide to Grey Cup!  So grab a couple of beers ‘eh, we have lots to talk aboot!


This guide will take you through every important watering hole the 104th Grey Cup in Toronto has to offer while avoiding the sobering pitfalls of bad parties and the dreaded dry mouth.  This is my 11th straight Grey Cup and I declare, with confidence, that I am a hardened veteran of the Grand National Drunk.  The Hoser’s Guide is all about the best places to party and where to find beer on Grey Cup weekend so if you can’t handle that then TAKE OFF EH!

Every year the Hoser’s Guide gets longer and longer.  This year’s edition is broken into sections.  Each part will be released as I finish it over the next couple of days.

Part 1: The Essentials

  • The Boozy laws of Ontario.
  • Getting around the Big Smoke.
  • Autographs, pictures and grey cup rings.

Part 2: Parties, Ranked

  • Team parties
  • Grey Cup parties
  • VIP events and the player awards

Part 3: The Hoser’s Itinerary

  • Where and when to go on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to make the most of your weekend.
  • Fan March (may not happen this year).
  • Game Day.

Though from parts unknown, I am currently intimately acquainted with Toronto.  I’m always happy to share advice or tips with a fellow Grey Cup pilgrim so email me at or get me on twitter @bluebastardcfl.

As always, you can rant against me in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “The Hoser’s Guide to the 104th Grey Cup

    • Friday will encompass a couple of team parties, likely Tiger Town, Spirit of Edmonton, and the Shipyard. All close to each other downtown. The Hoser’s Itinerary will be posted tomorrow with more details. Lemme know if you can make it up!

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