Labour Day Weekend Picks

Might not be a bad week to throw it all in!

If the season trend continues then Trevor Harris is going down this week. Should make it easier for Calgary.

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, September 1st (3:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
You’d have to the crazy to pick a team without it’s QB or RB in a game they’ve 1-13 in over the past 14 years. But hey, it’s the Crazy Football League.

Edmonton @ Calgary: Friday, September 2nd (4:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
Looks like Bo might finally be back. I never bet against that guy.

Toronto @ Hamilton: Sunday,
September 2nd (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
I am very tempted to take the Argos but they keep f**king up unless they’re playing Winnipeg.

Last week: 3-1

Season: 33-13


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