Week 14 Picks


Looks like a tumor to me…

Week 14 Picks

Is the season over yet Bomber fans?

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Friday, September 25 (8:30pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
Ha!  With Zach out for the year Calgary may go unchallenged for the Cup.  Sigh.

BC @ Edmonton: Saturday, September 26, (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
BC should pose no significant difficulties.

Toronto @ Ottawa: Saturday, September 26, (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
Wow, Ottawa has a chance to win the division with Zack done (and Hamilton out)!  Lots at stake in this game and it should be really close.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Sunday, September 27 (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Montreal
Will Saskatchewan win another?  Looks doubtful.

Last week

1-3.  Yikes.  It’s been a while since I’ve been that bad.


30-22  No where near as good as last year.

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