Week 14 Picks

“This is a wash.”

A loyal reader pointed out the following:

You were one week too early predicting Trevor Harris would go down.

Sorry. I’ll do better with Reilly.

Ottawa @ BC: Friday, September 13th (10:00pm EDT)

Pick: BC
Yeeeeup! BC will no longer have the basement to themselves. In this league, if you don’t have a quarterback, you’re garbage!

Hamilton @ Calgary: Saturday,
September 14th (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
This is the third week in a row where you shouldn’t bet against BLM. He’s going to be a problem for everyone.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Saturday, September 14th (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Saskatchewan
It’s one thing to win in the East. It’s another against the big boys in the West. Always has been.

Last week: 3-1 Happy to have lost that one.

Season: 39-14


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