Week 17 Picks

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It counts how much money you don’t spend gambling so know when to take it all out and spend it gambling!

Week 17 Picks

Three teams are duking it out for the last playoff spot in the West.  The battle has the feel of a trio of banjo picking inbreds hitting each other with pieces of string.

Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Friday, October 16 (7:30pm EDT)

Pick: Ottawa
Nichols has beat Ottawa twice already this year but that was with Edmonton and after 15 games no one really knows who the Bombers are.  This is basically an elimination game for Winnipeg and Joey Bats is already in another lineup…  Oh, also: I WILL BE THERE TONIGHT.  LOCK YOUR DOORS OTTAWA!

Calgary @ Toronto (Hamilton): Saturday, October 17, (4:00pm EDT)

Pick: Calgary
Could Rogers have let the Argos play in the dome Saturday?  “Sure we could, but fuck the CFL and all it’s red headed step children.”

BC @ Edmonton: Saturday, October 17, (7:00pm EDT)

Pick: Edmonton
Is Lulay playing?  Does it matter?  I dunno.

Hamilton @ Montreal: Saturday, October 18 (1:00pm EDT)

Pick: Hamilton
It’s time for Montreal to experience the Kevin Glenn curse!  My FAVOURITE QB finally gets his chance to bugger up the season of the league’s most undeserving team.

Last week

2-2.  I blame it all on the Blue Jays distracting me.


34-26  Been a couple of weeks since I put down any money…

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