Week 6 Picks

Shouldn’t be too hard this week.

It’s always been a quarterback driven league. We’re always reminded of that fact when one goes (or is taken) down. Yes, Marino is slime.

Edmonton @ Montreal: Thursday, July 14th

Pick: Montreal
The train wreck makes its way to Montreal to deliver a W to the Als.

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Friday, July 15th

Pick: Winnipeg
Week after week there are punters picking the other team, apparently ignorant of Winnipeg’s ability to win.

Saskatchewan @ Toronto: Saturday, July 16th

Pick: Saskatchewan
Could go either way but the Riders appear better built.

Ottawa @ Hamilton: Saturday, July 9th

Pick: Hamilton
Masoli going down probably buys LaPo a couple of more weeks but his days are numbered.

Last week: 3-0

Season: 11-5


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