Bombers Moving to the West Division in 2014

cfl-westA lot of you probably think this is a great idea.  Too bad you are entitled to your own opinion because this fucking sucks.

“But the Blue Bombers’ rivals are in the West!”

No they’re not.  You can make are argument against the green slime but most of them don’t even consider us their main rivals.  They’d tell you it’s the Racists or the Stumps.

The Larks are our most hated team.  Their QB gooning shenanigans go way back.  They stank and I hate them!

I admit I’m slightly biased due to the location of the Bastard Cave but this isn’t good for any Bomber fan.

“But why?”

Because if the Bombers can’t make the playoffs in the East how the fuck are the going to do it in the West where there is actual competition?

Winnipeg has been in the East for too long now.  The only reason for them to move West is historical because it’s not even traditional any more.  Since the CFL was formed the Bombers have spent 21 years in the East vs 34 in the West.  Most of those 21 have been recently and there isn’t logical reason to change that now.  Bring another team into Eastern Canada and then yes, it makes sense, but not today!

The CFL better take a hint from the NHL and have every team play each other once at home and once on the road with the remaining games against division opponents.  Playing something like 12 games against division teams and 6 against the other side would rob the fans of this small league of the weekly diversity they deserve.

The Bombers better be getting that same $1M payout like the last time this happened.

Congratulations Ottawa!  Fuck you!  You’re now my most hated team.

Fuck all the old wood in here. Fuck the moon, fuck corn on the cob, fuck squirrels. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything!


2 thoughts on “Bombers Moving to the West Division in 2014

  1. Totally agree. It should just be one division already, especially if they keep the crossover. But if we’re stuck with two divisions and the crossover then it should be an even schedule, not extra games against division. After the home and home (16 games), play the other 2 games/year against 2 different teams each year in a 4 year cycle, so you play each team exactly 9 times over 4 years and exactly 9 times at home and 9 times away over 8 years. That would make a perfectly balanced schedule like the NFL has…. if Ottawa can last that long.

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